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Agarwood Essential Oil Benefits

Wild Agarwood Essential Oil has many benefits for people. Agarwood is from the family of Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp. Wild Agarwood is originated from the countries include Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and China, etc. All the wild Agarwood trade must go through CITES (Certificate on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) as it is listed in Appendix II of CITES(1). Wild Agarwood contents of brown resinous compound produced from the natural reaction process caused by microbial reaction or fungal disease through the injured, damaged, or infected parts of the wood which then such an aromatic fragrance is released from. Wild Agarwood essential oil is the essence of wild Agarwood after distillation, which is rare and precious. Agarwood essential oil can help change bad aura, good for blood circulation, and balancing body and mind.   

One of the Agarwood Essential Oil benefits is to help change bad aura. Different kinds of Agarwood from different places will have a different aroma, like sweet, mint or flowers, etc. The Agarwood essential oil has a unique aroma, which is natural and pleasant and will not let people forget. People love to apply it when having religious ceremonies for changing the bad aura. The natural fragrance of wild agarwood essential oil can be used as a perfume too. You can just put one dot of the Agarwood essential oil in between your wrist or behind your ears. The amazing aroma from the wild agarwood essential oil will infiltrate into your skin and then vapor slowly in the air and with a comfortable smell. It can help to cleanse the bad aura of your body and refresh it again. Its natural fragrance can last for a whole day if you do not wash it away.

Another benefit of Agarwood essential oil to help for blood circulation. It can help circulate the lymphatic system too.  You need to put one dot of Agarwood essential oil on your finger. Then put at the back of your ear, rub it and massage for five to ten minutes before you sleep. It can help for blood circulation on your lymphatic system and relax your body and release your stress. You can also put the Agarwood essential oil on to the lymphatic system of any part of your body, massage it by following the flow of the lymphatic system. It can also mix with other massage oil for facial treatment to make the qi (airflow) inside your lymphatic system and blood circulation go on more smoothly. 

Most people love wild Agarwood essential oil is because one of the Agarwood Essential Oil benefits can balance the body and mind. You can apply it to the backside of your ear, the acupoint called the Middle of Person or the middle of your wrist. When you smell the natural fragrance of the wild Agarwood essential oil, especially from the acupoint called the Middle of Person, it can help boost the energy of your mind, relax your body and release your stress. It can also apply to Ayurvedic treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind.


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