Agarwood and Buddhism

In China, agarwood has a close relationship with religion. In Buddhism, agarwood has a high status, and Buddhism uses it to worship Buddha. Agarwood is one of the main spices for “Buddha Bathing”. Prayer beads and Buddha statues carved with agarwood are precious Buddhist utensils. After thousands of years of decay and rebirth, agarwood is […]

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The Wood of God, is how agarwood, mentioned in some religions

Agarwood is also called “The Wood of God” because it is usually found in the deep forests that humans can’t access. It is believed that God is attracted to the scent of agarwood and that he will appear anytime there is the scent of agarwood. The place where God appears will be filled with holy […]


Fun Facts about Agarwood, The Wood of God

Agarwood or Aquilaria Malaccensis is known for its aromatic fragrance and is precious. Many facts depict the specialty of agarwood. If you are interested, stay on this page for more information about agarwood. Larger Evergreen Tree The diameter of agarwood trees usually can reach 18 to 21 meters and the height can get to 40 […]

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Agarwood Essential Oil Benefits

Wild Agarwood Essential Oil has many benefits for people. Agarwood is from the family of Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp. Wild Agarwood is originated from the countries include Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and China, etc. All the wild Agarwood trade must go through CITES (Certificate on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and […]