Fun Facts about Agarwood, The Wood of God

Agarwood or Aquilaria Malaccensis is known for its aromatic fragrance and is precious. Many facts depict the specialty of agarwood. If you are interested, stay on this page for more information about agarwood.

Larger Evergreen Tree

The diameter of agarwood trees usually can reach 18 to 21 meters and the height can get to 40 meters. Agarwood leaves are simple and 4 to 6 mm long and thin. Its flowers are white, green, and dirty yellow while its fruits are the loculicidal capsule, obovoid or obovoid-cylindrical.

Extracted from The Aromatic Resin

To get agarwood oil, it should be extracted from the dark and aromatic resin of the infectious disease Agarwood tree. The extraction process is like the water distillation process, just like wine, the older, the higher the price is. Recently, the agarwood cultivation process is using artificial infection to get the resin that contains essential oil because only infectious agarwood trees can produce scented oil while the non-infectious tree cannot.

Posses Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

The Agarwood scent relaxes the mind and strengthens thoughts and emotions. Agarwood scent improves focus and eliminates negative energy. Inhaling agarwood scent at night can help you sleep because it increases calmness and reduces anxiety. Due to its spiritual benefits, monks use it to enhance their spiritual energy and calm their souls while they meditate. 

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