Butterfly in Search of Agarwood Collection

Unveiled amidst the swamps of Kalimantan, Indonesia, lies the extraordinary “Butterfly in Search of Agarwood.” This particular Agarwood variety is treasured for its pristine, enduring scent that lingers enchantingly. Adorned with glistening rubies, emeralds, and diamonds fashioned in delicate butterfly motifs, it pays homage to the famed Chinese allusion of “Zhuangzi’s Dream of the Butterfly.” This reference signifies the exceptional rarity and uniqueness of this Agarwood Wild, suggesting that encountering it is akin to experiencing a dream come true. Such is the ethereal and coveted nature of this extraordinary masterpiece. Explore the enchanting “Butterfly in Search of Agarwood” from Kalimantan, Indonesia—a rare and captivating dream-like masterpiece.

Product Name : Butterfly in Search of Agarwood
Place of Origin : Kalimantan, Indonesia
Specification : Approximate 3 cm (L) x 2 cm (W) x 11.5 cm (H)
Weight :
22.6 grams
40 pcs of Diamond – 0.72ct
50 pcs of Ruby – 1.25ct
10 pcs of Emerald – 0.25ct

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