Mystic Mountain & Scenery Collection

The Mystic Mountain & Scenery captivates of Agarwood Wild with its breathtaking natural landscape. This precious wood exudes a unique and captivating fragrance, evoking peace and tranquillity. Discovered in the remote Kalimantan jungle, Indonesia, its trunk bears the marks of a bacterial infection that dates back 80-100 years, adding to its sense of mystery. Holding it brings a connection to its origin, making it a cherished item. When warmed, it releases a striking, sweet flower fragrance, reminiscent of nature’s inspiration. Discover the breathtaking Mystic Mountain & Scenery of Agarwood Wild, exuding a captivating fragrance of peace and tranquility.

Product Name : Mystic Mountain & Scenery
Place of Origin : Kalimantan, Indonesia
Specification : Approximate 15 cm (L) x 9 cm (W) x 27 cm (H)
Weight : 415 grams

Flourish Spring